Radu Mazare – 9 years in jail, Cristian Borcea – 5 years


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Former Constanta mayor Radu Mazare (photo 1), now in Madagascar, has been sentenced to 9 years imprisonment by the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court). The ruling is final, constantanews.ro and hotnews.ro inform.

The sentence is related to the retrocession of beaches in Mamaia resort. In the same file, Cristian Borcea (photo 2) and Nicusor Constantinescu have been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

Radu Mazare had been sentenced in 2017, by the Bucharest Court of Appeals, to 4 years in jail, suspended sentence. In the same file, Nicusor Constantinescu, former Constanta County Council President, was sentenced to 3 years, suspended sentence. At that time, Cristian Borcea, former Dinamo Bucharest Football Club financier, was acquitted.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) argues that the public patrimony has been dispossessed of large urban areas worth EUR 113 million. Legally, 309,549 square metres areas have been reclaimed (…) the illegal retrocessions being three times larger, of almost 1,000,000 square metres.

DNA also says that the offenses of 37 defendants in this file allegedly caused damages of about EUR 114 million, of which EUR 77.77 million to the state and EUR 36.16 million to the Constanta municipality.

Cristian Borcea has damaged the Romanian state and Constanta municipality with about EUR 28 million.

According to the ICCJ ruling, Cristian Borcea will have to pay the amount of EUR 957,107.

The judges have also decided seizures of amounts from: Paraschiva Barbu – EUR 817,248 and USD 79,927; Daniel Ene – EUR 210,000 and USD 384,683; Bogdan Gabriel Sandu – EUR 306,983 and USD 408,410; Valentin Ionescu – USD 228,482; Mihai Camboianu – EUR 207,357; Georgică Giurgiucanu – EUR 143,695; Carmen Puşcaşi – EUR 104,268; Marius Puşcaşi – EUR 104,268.

Cristi Borcea turns himself in

Cristian Borcea thus returns in jail, after being released on parole several months ago. He turned himself in to Police Friday morning, hours after the sentence was issued, ziare.com informs.

Radu Mazare is in Madagascar, where to he fled several years ago. He is being tried in other files as well.


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