Radu Mazăre asks for suspension of conviction for which he was extradited fro Madagascar

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Former mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazăre, extradited from Madagascar to Romania yesterday, has been brought to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, for the confirmation of a warrant arrest in Polaris file where he is facing a prison sentence of 10 years pronounced in a first court. Mazare refused to address the court, but his lawyers have asked for the cancellation of the final ruling of 9 years in prison for which he has been extradited from Madagascar. The file refers to illegal retrocession of plots of lands and beaches in Constanta county and the former mayor was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Prosecutors brought Mazare to court today to ask  the judges from the Supreme Court to confirm the preventive arrest in the Polaris file previously issued in absentia. The ruling is pending.

Mazare was sentenced in the first court in the Polaris file to almost 10 years in prison. He was placed under preventive arrest in this file but he broke the restrictions and fled to Madagascar more than one year ago.

According to the procedure, the defendant must be present before the court so that the judges could confirm his warrant.

One of his lawyers, Lizeta Haralambie told journalists that Mazare has nothing to say. „Haven’t they tried him so many years? Does it matter what he has to say now? He has talked enough in the past 10 years, there have been hearings,” the defender argued.

Radu Mazăre has been extradited from Madagascar to be imprisoned in another file, the one of the illegal retrocession. He has been brought to Romania on Monday evening and imprisoned at Rahova Penitentiary.

However, the former mayor has provided a stance on this issue, issuing a press release where he says the sentence of 9 years in prison against him is breaking the case law and the ECHR rulings, while adding he will not be afraid of the jail conditions in Romania after having been arrested in Madagascar.

Mazare argued that all that he has done as a mayor in Constanta was to build things from scratch, building houses for youngsters and improving the city’s infrastructure and that he did the same while in Madagascar.

When I arrived in Africa, I did the same: I built a resort in a wild jungle, only with the help of warm-hearted locals, without facilities and machines. Of course, I have made mistakes in my life as well, but I have never done anything wrong deliberately, to anyone, I am a God-fearing person”, he argued.

He labeled the prison sentence of 9 years as “unfair” and “revolting” and that expertise so far reveals no prejudice in any of his files, contrary to what anti-corruption prosecutors say. Mazare accused judge Ionut Matei from the Supreme Court that he had sentenced him to prison without having a real basis of evidence.

This is not justice! It is just a mock! After staying in jail in Madagascar, where the inmates’ appeals used to take place in a dirty courtyard, where 1,400 people were knelled, hands behind our hand, without beds and toilets, does anyone think that I will not survive in Romanian prisons? I will manage honorable and with dignity”, the former PSD mayor concluded.

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