Radu Mazare to get married while in jail, godfather for his cellmate

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Former Constanta mayor Radu Mazare has proposed to his girlfriend and will get married while in jail, next month, on his birthday, his brother Mihai Mazare announced.

“He’d like to do it early next month, on his birthday, this does not depend on him, but on the penitentiary’s management. After they get married, they will wed and be the godparents of his cellmate, he also wants to get married. Two weddings will take place. There will be no party. I will attend. I do not know the regulation, if people can be invited. I have to take care of the wedding rings and he asked other several things,” Mihai Mazare said, according to ziare.com.

The cellmate is not a public or known person.

Mihai Mazare said the former mayor proposed to her girlfriend Roxana by phone.

“He has a suit, he will put on the suit he wears when going to the High Court. There’s no sense in having two suits over there,” he added.

He stressed he does not know how the religious matrimony can be conducted. “As far as I know, ten people can attend. His family and Roxana’s,” Mihai Mazare said.

Radu Mazare was extradited from Madagascar to serve a 9-year sentence in Romania, in the file of beaches retrocession. Currently he is at Jilava penitentiary.

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