Raed Arafat reports growing number of people without symptoms going to the emergency room, denies danger of the tear gas effects

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The Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), has issued a press release, saying the substances used during the gendarmes’ intervention in Victoriei Square on August 10 are according to the international standards. The head of the department, Raed Arafat told those who has been exposed to the tear gas not to go to the doctor for routine checks, but only if they have concerning symptoms.

Arafat denied accusations that DSU „would be on the Gendarmerie’s side” and that the press release „would be a political one”. He announced that following the violence during Diaspora rally, 450 people received medical aid from the SMURD crews, 290 with acute symptoms of tear gas exposure. 70 have been taken to the hospital, while nine remained hospitalized for various problems.

Arafat also explained they had issued that press release for doctors from the Floreasca Hospital’s emergency room had notified the DSU that more people are coming to the emergency room without symptoms, asking to be checked and had their blood tests done.

It is clear that when you have concerning symptoms of problems you are recommended to go to the doctor. But routine checks are not necessary, blood tests have nothing to prove, especially 5 days after considering that yesterday, August 15, the number of people coming for a check started growing, but no person needed hospitalization,” Arafat said.

He underlined that the growing number of those who went to the doctors after attending the Diaspora rally was due to a psychiatrist doctor’s Facebook post, which presented all aspects related to expose to the tear gas and the medium and long term.

Unfortunately, the intention to comfort the population that doesn’t have symptoms or signs, considering that over 100,000 people were in Victoriei Square that night, has been misinterpreted by some people as being diversion and disinformation on our behalf. The more absurd interpretation is that we are on the Gendarmerie’s side against the population or that we have followed political orders,” said Arafat.

He also mentioned that DSU has consulted with the producers of the tear gas used during the intervention last Friday to be sure about the composition of the substance that has been used.

I personally talked to one of the renowned toxicology experts from New York and he confirmed me what we have reported in the press release,” the DSU head said, reiterating that the tear gas was made according to the European and international standards and that effects such as eye, respiratory tract and skin irritation, are short term ones, except of the situation when exposure is on long term and, particularly, if it takes places in an enclosed space and not in the open air.

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