Rafila: Effects of the “euphoria” of the past weekend will be seen in 7 days


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As the law on the state of alert had not covered the fines, people have rushed to go out, filling parks and avenues, while cars have queued on the national roads during the past weekend.

The Romanian top microbiologist Alexandru Rafila says that the effects of the “euphoria” of the past weekend, the first one after the state of emergency had been lifted, will be seen in 7 days.

The Head of the Romanian Microbiology Society told Digi24 that parks had not been crowded anymore on Sunday afternoon and that things would probably get beck to the normal and people would respect the rules imposed by the authorities under the state of alert.

The effects of this weekend will be seen after 7 days, namely at the end of this week, we’ll be able to see if there will be a national problem early next week,” Rafila said.

The top microbiologist also pointed out that the evolution of the novel coronavirus shows that, once the hot season is approaching, the number of infections is decreasing in the northern hemisphere, while it is increasing in the southern hemisphere. He exemplified with South Africa where the COVID-19 cases are currently on the rise.

“The seasonality that we used to assign to this virus seems that is gradually taking shape. Let’s hope we’ll have fewer cases in the northern hemisphere this summer so that we can get ready for the end of the year. This is should be the watchword: to prepare in terms of logistics and conduct, this is essential. For only then we can manage the situation much better better without a high social and economic impact within these two months”, Rafile said.

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