Rail incident: Four wagons carrying diesel fuel, derailed


Four wagons carrying diesel fuel have derailed in Mehedinţi County (south-western Romania) Thursday morning. One of the wagons cracked, then overturned and had minor leaks. Rail traffic in the area of ​​Balota is blocked, the Emergency Inspectorate (IGSU) informs.

“Of the four wagons, one has overturned. The overturned one had minor leaks. The area has been surrounded by a protection cordon and the railway experts are expected to investigate and solve the fuel problem and to re-rail the wagons,” IGSU has also informed.

There have been no casualties, but rail traffic was blocked in the accident area.

According to the CFR, about 100 passengers from a shuttle train expected to transit through the area have got off the train in Balota station and were taken over by automobile means.

file photo


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