Rains till Saturday, weather gets colder, snowfalls in the mountains


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The National Meteorological Administration has announced that until Saturday evening there will be rains, especially torrential rains, in most of the country, and from the weekend the weather will be cold and it will snow in the mountains.

According to a weather report valid from Thursday, at 12.00, until Saturday, at 21.00, in most of the country it will rain mainly in the form of rain, and in short intervals of time or by accumulation will be recorded quantities of water that will exceed 20 … 40 l / sqm.

The wind will intensify, with speeds generally of 45 … 55 km / h, on Thursday (March 31) in the west and southeast of the territory, then in the other regions. In the mountains, at altitudes above 1700 m, the gusts will exceed 80 km / h.

On Friday (April 1) the weather will become unstable, there will be electric shocks, and in the southern regions possible storms. Starting Saturday (April 2nd), the weather will gradually cool down.

From Sunday morning (April 3), in the northern half of the territory there will be precipitation in the form of sleet and snow, and it will snow in the mountains, meteorologists note.

Meteorologists also released a code yellow of significant amounts of water and intense wind gusts, valid from Thursday, 18.00, to Saturday, 21.00. During the mentioned interval, in the western half of the Southern Carpathians, as well as in the Western Carpathians and in the north of the Eastern Carpathians, it will rain significantly and will accumulate 50 … 70 l / sqm, causing the melting of the snow layer. Locally in Banat and Maramureș the water quantities will exceed 30 … 40 l / sqm. The wind will temporarily intensify in Dobrogea and in the east of Muntenia, with gusts of 55 … 65 km / h and isolated over 70 … 75 km / h.

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