Rally on January 10 on the occasion of the official taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union: ‘We want Europe, not dictatorship!’


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Romanians are invited to join a rally in front of the Romanian Athenaeum on January 10, when the official takeover of the presidency of the Council of the European Union will take place.

The event at the Romanian Athenaeum will be attended by the presidents of the European Council, of the European Commission, of the European Parliament, European Commissioners and by the leaders of the parliamentary groups in the European Parliament, ziare.com reports.

“We want to stand beside them. We want to be seen by them. We want them to understand that, despite the current governance policies, Romanians are European citizens, they believe in the values standing at the basis of the EU: freedom, rule of law, independence of justice, transparent decision-making and transparent public money spending,” the message sent by the organisers reads. The event is named: “We want Europe, not dictatorship!”

The organisers expect at the Romanian Athenaeum all those who believe that:

  • The right to work and to learn in Europe depends on being a EU Member State;
  • The higher standard of living of the population in the past 10 years has as source our EU membership;
  • The development of the Romanian society in the past decade was made in a large share with European funds;
  • Romanian agriculture depends on the funds allocated by the EU;
  • The infrastructure, hospitals and schools can reach an acceptable level due to our EU membership;
  • The human rights, rule of law and independence of justice are better protected as we are part of the EU;
  • The attacks against the EU coming from the current governance are attacks against Romania’s prosperity and stability;
  • European citizenship offers us protection against the possible abuses of the state;
  • The right to travel, visit the world, of free speech are issues our parents did not benefit from.

The persons who want to attend the rally are expected to carry the flags of Romania and of the EU.

The event is organized by ‘Rezistenta (the Resistance)’, ‘Initiativa Romania (Initiative Romania)’ and ‘Curuptia ucide (Corruption kills)’.


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