Ratio between pensioners and employees – 9 to 10 in Q1

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The ratio between the average number of state social security pensioners and employees was in the first quarter of 9 to 10.

According to the National Statistics Institute (INS), this ratio shows significant variations in the territorial profile, from only 5 pensioners to 10 employees in Bucharest, to 17 pensioners per 10 employees in Teleorman County.

In the first three months of this year, the average number of pensioners was of 5.234 million, down by 11,000 against the previous quarter.

The average monthly pension was of RON 1,016, higher by 6.1% against the previous quarter.

The average state social insurance pension varied with significant discrepancies in the territorial profile, the difference between the minimum value and the maximum value exceeding RON 450 (RON 790 in Giurgiu County as compared to RON 1,246 in Bucharest).

Social security pensioners hold the majority share (99.9%) of the total number of pensioners. State social security pensioners represent 89.3% of the total number of the social insured.

By pension categories, the number of old-age pensioners was overwhelming (75.7%) among social security pensioners. Retired persons in the categories of pensions – anticipated and partially anticipated were of 1.9%.


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