RCS&RDS former chief, under judicial control. Seizure of over RON 13m on RCS&RDS assets

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dumitru dragomirThe National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has announced that Ioan Bendei, former administrator of RCS&RDS, has been placed under judicial control in the file in which he is accused of bribe giving and complicity to money laundering. The prosecutors have seized the company’s assets up to the amount of RON 13,714,414.

Ioan Bendei was informed on the prosecution and accusations. Among other things, Ioan Bendei cannot leave the territory of Romania without the consent of the case prosecutor and cannot get in touch with several people, among them the ones investigated in the same file.

“In view of special confiscation, the anticorruption prosecutors have decided on the seizure of the assets belonging to the companies BODU SRL (up to the amount of RON 16,771,659) and to RCS&RDS SA (up to the amount of RON 13,714,414),”  DNA informs.

Also under judicial control is prosecuted the former president of the Professional Football League (LPF) Dumitru Dragomir (photo 2), who is accused of bribe taking and complicity to money laundering.

“During April 2009-May 2011, defendant Dumitru Dragomir, as chairman of the Professional Football League, asked for the amount of EUR 3.5 million (of which he received EUR 3.1 million) from suspect Bendei Ioan, administrator of a cable TV company, aiming to complete or not to complete his official workload and to complete deeds contrary to these. The money was claimed and received by Dumitru Dragomir within the context of a cession contract for TV broadcasting rights of Liga 1 football matches, concluded on April 8, 2008 between LPF and the consortium made up by two companies, among which the company managed by suspect Bendei Ion,” DNA informs.

The money allegedly was subsequently concealed in the form of payments made under a joint venture agreement concluded between a firm reportedly owned by Dumitru Dragomir and the cable television company.

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