Reactions to Kovesi’s situation: PSD’ Vasilescu, almost delighted, Opposition – outraged, rally in Zurich on Thursday


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Reactions to Laura Codruta Kovesi’s announcement were not late to surface.

In a short interview for, Roberta Metsola, MEP, member in the committee for civil liberties with the European Parliament (LIBE) said Wednesday evening that, if Romania wants to join the Schengen area, the Government should respect the institutions, which do not attack peaceful protests and do not act by openly opposing a Romanian candidate to the position of European Prosecutor MEP Metsola claims she has received a message from a PSD MEP, as all the LIBE members, urging her to reject Kovesi’s candidacy.

PSD’s Lia Olguta Vasilescu, former Labour Minister, wrote Wednesday evening on her Facebook page, that Kovesi should recall the politicians chanrged by DNA during the elction campaign. “She is complaining about being abused by the rule of law? (…) She should tell this to those accused  during the election campaign. She should trust the judicial system!”

PNL leader Ludovic Orban  believes this is a political order, aimed at preventing Kovesi to take over the office of European Prosecutor. It is outrageous, days before the hearing in the LIBE committee a criminal investigation starts against Mrs. Kovesi. (…) This is why this department was set up, to serve the politicians and the PSD-ALDE offenders. I don’t believe in coincidence, it seems a political order to cut down the chances of the Romanian candidate.”

USR’s Dan Barna said “Liviu Dragnea pushed a button and the new justice has executed Kovesi, right when she should support her candidacy in the European parliament.”

Former PM Dacian Ciolos says this is proof that the PSD-ALDE have built the mechanisms to subordinate justice to the clientele. :This is an operation carried out by the current political powr to undermine her.”

Romanians in Switzerland, members of the #Rezist Zurich community, have announced a rally on Thursday to support Kovesi’s candidacy for European Prosecutor. “The Romanians in Switzerland organize on Thursday, through the Rezist Zurich association, a rally to support Laura Codruta Kovesi’s candidacy for the EU Chief Prosecutor position.

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