Realitatea Media, officially into bankruptcy

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Bucharest Court of Appeal has ordered on Monday to reject the restructuring plan advanced by Realitatea Media and sent the file to a bankruptcy judge in the view of declaring bankruptcy. The court’s ruling is irrevocable.

In retort, shareholder of Realitatea Media, Cozmin Gusa told Realitatea TV pointed an accusing finger to PSD leadership and Liviu Dragnea for the bankruptcy.

Mr. Dragnea and those in the parallel state saw their dream come true. They obtained a bankruptcy ruling against Realitatea Media. At this point, the machine around Dragnea managed to obtain this thing in court. We hoped the court would not give this ruling. Dragnea and the parallel state, Coldea respectively, saw their dream come true. They managed, before the electoral campaign, to obtain this decision in court, upon ANAF’s request (...),” Gusa said.

Realitatea Media has been insolvent for almost 8 years, namely since September 2011.

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