Record temperatures in late October and early November. It was over 28 degrees Celsius in the southwest of the country


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October ended with record temperatures. 28.6 degrees were recorded in Calafat – it was the warmest day on October 31 in the history of measurements. There were temperature records at 11 weather stations. Even at the beginning of November, the weather does not get cold. Tomorrow is forecast to be 27 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures exceeded the usual highs of 15 degrees Celsius. Temperatures were abnormally high on Monday. In Calafat, 28.6 degrees Celsius were recorded. It is a record temperature for October 31st. The previous record was 26.9 degrees Celsius in Calafat. Record temperatures were recorded at several weather stations in the southwest of the country, including in the mountains.

At the peak of Vlădeasa, in the Apuseni Mountains, 13.6 degrees Celsius were recorded, a record temperature in that area. The month of November starts with high temperatures. Today it will be 26 degrees Celsius and tomorrow it will be 27 degrees Celsius in the southwest of the territory.

From Thursday however the temperatures start to drop.

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