The “red zones” list updated, Romanians returning from 12 countries to be automatically quarantined

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The list with the red zones (countries with high number of COVID cases), for which a 14-day institutionalised quarantine is needed has been extended up to 12 countries, with measures to be enforced as of Friday, April 3.
The countries considered “red zones” following coronavirus cases are: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Spana, Iran, UK, the Netherlands, US and Turkey.

Therefore, Romanian citizens who return from these countries will enter institutionalised quarantine for 14 days.

As for “the yellow zones”, for which a 14-day self-isolation at home is imposed, the National Institute for Public Health has announced that all people returning from any international trip and entering Romania will have to self-isolate at home for 2 weeks.

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