Referendum: Weird developments, law violations


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The referendum on redefining the family, which took place on Saturday and Sunday, has offered reasons for meditation, as weird development have taken place and reports keep coming.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • The village where Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) was born, has registered a turnout of 106.06% (at 13.00h)! The village is Bara, Timis County, western Romania. The electoral list included 33 electors, but 35 persons voted: 17 on the permanent list and 18 on the supplementary list;
  • Patriarch Daniel arrived at the polling station brought by a Volkswagen car, unlike the previous years, when he travelled with a Mercedes luxury car;
  • The village where PSD leader Liviu Dragnea was born, Gratia, Teleorman County (southern Romania) had a turnout of 9.28% at 13.00h, informs;
  • In Berceni commune, near Bucharest, the local priests have told the parishioners to go to the polling stations and put the stamp as they say. The church had posters on the walls, calling on the believers to vote, informs;
  • The priest of St. Elefterie Church in Bucharest, Valer Ulican, has told the parishioners on Sunday to go and vote, because sins such as ‘prostitution and zoophilia’ may be legalized. “It is preferable to show we are Christians, to avoid homosexuality and prostitution,” he added;
  • None of the 5,000 persons included on the electoral lists at ‘Matei Basarab’ College has turned out to vote until 10.00h on Sunday, all of them having the residence… at the same address. The polling station representatives say they are all from Republic of Moldova having fictitious addresses. At the 382 polling station 2,400 people were on the electoral lists, none of them cast their ballots. At the 379 section only 12 persons voted, all of them on the supplementary lists;
  • A priest from Neamt County, north-eastern Romania, has told the parishioners he would not give the Eucharist to those who do not go to the polling stations and these people should look for another spiritual adviser;


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