Renowned journalist Cristina Topescu dies aged 59. The cause of death, according to sources

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Journalist Cristian Topescu, the daughter of famous sportscaster Cristian Topescu has been found dead in her house on Sunday. A neighbour alerted the police for she had not seen Cristina Topescu for several weeks. Police have opened a suspicious death file, according to the procedure, although no signs of violence had been found on the journalist’s body.
Sources told to that the journalist died in her sleep due to a heart attack. Preliminary information revealed by coroners says that Cristina Topescu died around New Year’s Eve. Moreover, doctors would have found traces of medicines in her stomach. However, the forensic report is not concluded yet.


Cristina Topescu was living alone, as she was not married and had no children. Her father, Cristian Topescu, also died in 2018.

The precise date of her death is yet to be established, as well as the cause. What is for sure is that her last Facebook post was a comment referring to Pope Francis, published on December 26. At the same time, the last time she was  active on Whats App was on December 28. After that, nobody knew anything about her and she had answered no phone calls.

Cristina Topescu had several dogs living in her apartment, as she was an animal lover and a fervent supporter of the animals’ rights. Two of the dogs have been also found dead in her apartment.

Mass media reports that Cristina Topescu had become adviser of the new Health minister, Victor Costache since the end of last year. Digi24 reports that the people from the ministry have been trying to call her, but with no success. They thought she had left abroad for the winter holidays and that’s why she was not answering the phone.

Many of the people who knew her say they are shocked of the fact she died all alone in her house without any friend or member of her family realizing she had not given any sign for such a long time.

Sources close to the investigation revealed that the journalist had been found by the policemen in her apartment in Otopeni, in bed, in a pajama, covered with a blanket, as if she was sleeping. No signs of violence were found and the option she would have killed herself is also less probable.

A friend of Cristina, Diana Maria, who said she was also managed her Facebook official page, and who called the police to report she is missing, has released a message today, calling mass media to be decent when reporting about the tragedy. He also called in people to not believe the “nonsense on TV”, that claims Topescu had killed herself.

The woman said she was a friend of Cristina Topescu and that the journalist used to not answer the phone for a weeks and then call back. Now, Diana Maria said she panicked when she realized Cristina’s phones were off, meaning they ran out of battery and that was a sign of alert.

Cristina Topescu’s mother is still alive, living abroad. She is said to return to Romania tomorrow, January 14. Sources also say that Cristina Topescu will be incinerated on January 15.

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