Renowned urologist, two directors of the Urology Institute in Cluj-Napoca, under judicial control in a fund embezzlement file

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Renowned urologist from Cluj-Napoca, doctor Mihai Lucan and his son were detained on Thursday evening in a fund embezzlement case, but the court has rejected the DIICOT prosecutors’ request and placed them under judicial control.

The urologist had been brought to Bucharest for hearings at the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) on Thursday morning, while two directors of the Clinical Institute of Urology and Renal Transplant Cluj-Napoca, had been detained following searches conducted in this file.

Dan Emil Fofiu-Sânpetreanu, the administrative director of the urology Institute in Cluj-Napoca and Rodica Sanda Baciu, the economic director, have been taken under custody for 24 hours on Wednesday, but later on Thursday the judges ruled for their release. They are also to be investigated under judicial control.

Huge sums of money have been found during searches at doctor Lucan’s place, EUR 600,000 in cash, luxury watches and gold jewels. Moreover, Mihai Lucan’s son-in-law has been caught red handed by the police officers who were searching the house, while he was attempting to run away with valubale assets from the house. He had managed to hide EUR 10,000 in the car’s bunker.

Investigators also say that during hearings on Thursday, EUR 5,000 fell down from Mihai Lucan’s pocket when he was just about to get out of the prosecutor’s office.

A day earlier, the police officers of the Department for Combating Organized Crime, the Criminal Investigation Directorate of the Romanian Police, and the DIICOT-ST prosecutors conducted five searches at the premises of members of a criminal group specialized in committing the offense of embezzlement, with particularly serious consequences.

The operations were carried out within a criminal file, in which investigations are conducted against three persons employed by a medical clinic in Cluj, damaged in this case.

“The first checks have revealed that the members of this organized criminal group had the purpose of acquiring, using, trafficking, as the case may be, of the assets belonging to the injured person’s patrimony, namely the specific medical services provided by the employees of this sanitary unit, for the benefit of another medical unit, entity through which they have promoted their interests. The organized criminal group allegedly was supported by other 5 people in return for maintaining their leadership positions. During 2005-2016, the members of the criminal organized group allegedly damaged the injured person for the benefit of another private medical clinic. The damage caused is RON 5,169,406,” Police inform.

According to DIICOT, the file is aimed at investigating the members of an organized criminal group set up by the suspects Mihai Lucan, Valerian Lucan and Dan Emil Fofiu-Sânpetreanu as employees of the injured person, the Clinical Institute of Urology and Renal Transplant Cluj-Napoca , aiming at the appropriation, use, trafficking, as the case may be, of the assets belonging to the injured party, respectively the specific medical services provided by the employees of this sanitary unit, for the benefit of the medical clinic belonging to SC LUKMED SRL, entity through which the three he reportedly have promoted his interests.

Moreover, prosecutors claim that medical equipment belonging to the Urology Institute has been transferred without any documents from the institute’s building to the office of SC LUKMED SRL, although the money needed for the devices had been paid by the Institute. Meanwhile, the patients were asked to pay huge amounts of money, ranging from EUR 3,000 to EUR 6,700 for a kidney intervention.

Prosecutors say that almost 180 people would have paid these huge sums to undergo surgeries in professor Lucan’s clinic, although they met all criteria to get free surgeries at the Urology Institute.

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