Restaurants remain closed


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Restaurants remain closed, it is the decision of talks between PM Ludovic Orban and the representatives of the hospitality sector. According to the HORA leader, Daniel Mischie, the restaurants will re-open indoors when the number of infections are on the decline in Romania.

The hospitality representative has called on the business operators and on the population to observe the social distancing and hygiene rules imposed by the government.

The operators in the HoReCa industry will put a lock on the door. By our count, the HoReCa sector represent 5.1% of GDP, so we cannot talk about a relaunch without this industry. The sector is on the verge of being in intensive care, all funds and liquid assets of the businessmen in this sector have come to an end, we have no more resources to support this industry.

The PM is not willing to talk about a re-opening of the restaurants unless the number of  COVID-19 infections is decreasing,” Mischie said.

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