Restaurants stay closed after May 15, fishing and hunting allowed

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PM Ludovic Orban has announced on Wednesday that restaurants will remain closed after May 15 when the state of emergency ends and some restrictions are to be lifted. The Romanian PM argued that restaurants are among the places with the highest epidemiological risk.

However, the PM announced that hotels will be re-opened after May 15, providing they observe some strict rules.

On the other side, the restaurant owners voiced hope that at least terraces will be opened on June 1, while submitting several proposals and rules for the re-opening: tables set at a 2-metre distance and clients wearing facemasks.

Dragoș Petrescu, the president of a restaurant association told Digi24 that the HoReCa representatives had met and talked to the PM and tabled a re-opening plan in three stages: on May 15, June 1 and June 15, but the authorities had not agreed to a re-opening on May 15. “We hope to have the terraces opened on June 1 in the first instance, and to open at least 50% of the indoor capacity of restaurants as of June 15“, he said.

Green light for fishing and hunting

On the other hand, PM Orban announced that fishing and hunting will be among the activities allowed after May 15, claiming hunting is essential as the wild boar population that are destroying crops and that are spreading the African swine fever must be eliminated.

In a meeting with the Liberal leaders on Tuesday night, the prime minister told his party colleagues that the news of allowing fishing and hunting will “definitely stir sympathy among people”.

Some stores in shopping malls might re-open, too

The premier also said that some stores in the shopping malls that have entrances from the outside of the mall to be also re-opened.


PM Orban explained that there will be no travel restrictions inside the localities after May 15 , and that authorities are working on a framework on traveling outside the localities.

As for the obligation to fill in affidavit when going out, authorities are still analysing the issue depending on the epidemic trend.


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