Rock guitarist injured in the Colectiv club discharged from hospital, honors the memory of his savior, hero Claudiu Petre

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Cătălin Scânteie, the guitarist of Hatemode Romanian rock band, injured in the Colectiv fire together with his wife, has been discharged from hospital on Friday. His wife is to leave the hospital in a week.

In a moving message posted on Facebook, the guitarist is thanking his savior, Claudiu Petre, who unfortunately lost his life in the deadly blaze.

“Discharging (discharged ‘Satanist’ part 1….”Satanist” wife follows). To be discharged, go home, be almost OK, to come home to the child who was happy to see me, to replace the light bulb in his room, to search for an upgrade video card for him, to wear indoor clothes like I used to do a month ago…That is to be ‘Satanist’. For they called us ‘Satanist’, all that we’ve been in the Colectiv club on October 30. Rest in peace all people who passed away, most of my friends,” the guitarist said.

He also posted he was among the people saved by blogger Claudiu Petre, who eventually lost his life in the fire after returning several times in the nightclub to save other persons trapped in the flames. For his heroic acts he has been decorated post-mortem by the Romanian President.

“I am one of those saved by Claudiu! I was pulled by the hands, the coat…I was probably among the last persons who who has been drawn out alive from the club. I heard Claudiu died only a few days after the tragedy while I was admitted to Bogdasar Arseni hospital. A common friend told me that, as he witnessed my rescue operation and showed me his picture. So, please note that I didn’t know Claudiu, and he did not know me. It was only then that I recognized him, after seeing his photo. You cannot forget something like that! I have no words to thank him. Maybe I will do it hereafter. I love you, my angel. Condolences to his family!,” Cătălin also wrote.

He is Hatemode guitarist, musician and composer for Holy Flame band. A former collaborator of Hatemode band, Simion Alexandru Cătălin also died in the Colectiv fire.

Over 1,000 visited #Colectiv Delivery charity fair

Designer items, magazines and T-shirts with lyrics of Goodbye to Gravity band were sold on Saturday at the #Colectiv Delivery charity fair, organized at Verona Garden in Bucharest, to the benefit of the families of the victims of the Colectiv club fire.

Those who wanted to support the persons injured in the tragedy could buy at #Colectiv Delivery independent magazines, visual art items, handmade accessories, T-shirts, furniture and interior design pieces.

All items were donated by the organizers of the event and exhibited in common stands, by categories. Those who wanted to give a helping hand to the victims could buy designer chairs, jewels, interior design objects or T-shirts printed with excerpts from the human rights or lyrics of the band Goodbye to Gravity — “The day we give in is the day we die”.

According to the organizers, over 1,000 persons visited the #Colectiv Delivery fair and the amount collected will be announced afterwards.

Queen Anne’s icon placed outside Colectiv club by Royal Family

Romania’s Royal Family paid homage to the victims of the Colectiv club fire on Saturday, when Princess Margareta placed outside the club an icon that belonged to her mother, Queen Anne.

Moreover, Princess Margareta, Prince Radu and Princess Maria laid flowers and lit candles in the memory of the victims.

“It is very nice that you have come and that you don’t forget. Let us pray for those who died, for their souls and for the families who are grieving and for the victims who are still struggling in hospitals,” Princess Margareta said, trully filled with emotion.

The Princess said that the icon depicting Mother Mary and Child Jesus, placed at Colectiv club, is a special one. “Queen Anne insisted that I bring this personal icon. It is something that she kept in her room,” the Crown Princess said.

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