Roman-Catholic archbishop of Alba Iulia, Orthodox Bishop of Husi, test positive for COVID-19

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Roman Catholic Archbishop of Alba Iulia, Kovacs Gergely, was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus after he had symptoms and he is currently hospitalized.
According to a press release of Archdiocese, Kovacs Gergely was taken to hospital on Tuesday with high fever and malaise.
His condition has got worse since the ordination of bishop Kerekes Laszlo on August 29.
The Archdiocese says that archbishop showed flu symptoms, so he called the family physician and asked for help. The treatment prescribed for the flu did not work, as he developed high fever, dry cough, headache and malaise.
The result of the COVID-19 was positive.
Orthodox Bishop of Husi, Ignatie, has also tested positive for the new coronavirus and was admitted to an emergency hospital in Barlad on Wednesday night.

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