Romania after Tudorel Toader: Compensatory appeal – release of 16,200 inmates from prisons, 1,834 were murderers

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More than 16,200 inmates have been released from penitentiaries on the basis of the compensatory appeal bill, during October 19, 2017-March 15, 2019. More precisely, 16,217 convicts benefited by Law 169/2017, a written answer of the Justice Ministry to the Chamber of Deputies reads. The request for figures was submitted by Deputy Sorin Ioan Plumb, reports.

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Of the 16.217 inmates, 2,909 were released on term and 13,398 on parole, according to the courts’ rulings. The Justice Ministry informs that 1,834 inmates of the 16,217 released had been sentenced for murder.

After the release, 968 have been arrested again, i.e. 5.96%. The Justice Ministry mentions that not all the persons arrested have committed crimes, some have had other criminal files pending before being released.

The reply to the Chamber of Deputies is signed by the former Justice Minister Tudorel Toader (photo 2).

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