Romania, among EU countries whose unemployed are at risk of poverty

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Nearly half (48.7 percent) of unemployed persons aged 16-64 in the European Union (EU) were at risk of poverty after social transfers in 2016, Eurostat informs.

In other words, the risk of monetary poverty was five times greater than for those in employment (9.6 percent).

Across the EU Member States in 2016, the rate of unemployed persons at risk of poverty was highest in Germany (70.8 percent), followed at a distance by Lithuania (60.5 percent). Over half of unemployed persons in Latvia (55.8 percent), Bulgaria (54.9 percent), Estonia (54.8 percent), the Czech Republic (52.3 percent), Romania (51.4 percent) and Sweden (50.3 percent) were at risk of poverty.

At the opposite end of the scale, fewer than 40 percent of unemployed persons were at risk of poverty in Cyprus and Finland (both 37.3 percent), France (38.4 percent) and Denmark (38.6 percent).

The statistical office of the European Union also shows In 2016, the widest gaps between the proportion of unemployed and employed persons being at risk of monetary poverty were recorded in Germany (70.8 percent for unemployed persons vs. 9.5 percent for employed persons, or a 61.3 percentage point gap), Lithuania (51.8 pp), the Czech Republic (48.5 pp) and Latvia (47.3 pp).

In contrast, the difference was significantly less pronounced in Cyprus (37.3 percent for unemployed persons vs. 8.4 percent for employed persons, or a 28.9 percentage point gap), France (30.5 pp) and Portugal (30.8 pp).


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