Romania and Republic of Moldova, among countries threatened by ISIS for being part of ‘coalition of devils’

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ISIS  has just released new video in English threatening 60 countries for being part of a ‘coalition of devils’, with Romania and Republic of Moldova among them. The UK is among them, along with the US, Japan, Canada, France and Australia.

During the four minute clip, released online yesterday, an image shows the flags of 60 nations the terrorists say are part of a global coalition against the Islamic State. Romanian and Moldovan flags are among the 60 ones.

A booming, Hollywood-style voice over says: “We only bow to Allah unless the countless deviant factions raising their false banners.

The film also taunts America to ‘bring it on’ claiming that military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have left troops “demoralised”, informes.

“America, you claim to have the greatest army history has known. You may have the numbers and weapons but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq.They return dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year.”

The message accuses the US of ‘cooking the figures’ of those ISIS fighters killed in air strikes, claiming that they ‘haunt the minds of your soldiers’.

The propaganda video also goes on to threaten the allies who fight against Islamic State.

“There’s your coalition of devils with Iran, Turkey and Russia joining the fray.That’s because the Millah of Kufr (unbelievers) will also unite you to fight the truth. So bring it on – all of you. Your numbers only increase us in faith. We’re counting your banners, which our prophet said would reach 80 in number and then the flames of war will finally burn you on the hills of death. Bring it on… Gather your allies. Plot against us and show us no respite. Our ally is the greatest. He is Allah and all glory goes to him.”

Similar videos have reportedly been released at the same time in French, Russian and Turkish.

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