Romania and Ukraine might be united by a National Peace Park


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Romania and Ukraine might be united by a National Peace Park, which includes forests, both in our country and in the neighboring country, as says a proposal by the Romanian civil society and scientists from Suceava, a county in northern Romania bordering Ukraine.

Solidarity for Ukraine will continue after the war, through this project, they say.

We have the best Carpathian connection with Ukraine, and with Serbia, but here as a way of living is continued. There is a similarity between the two borders. It would be a first step in cooperating with Ukraine on the environment, which I think is a very good thing. The population is similar, if we want to talk to those across the border they will get along very well, because here is a Ukrainian-speaking Hutu population, a mixed with Slovak and so on. Basically, Ukraine and I share the Carpathian environment best, as a relief, if we cross the border, the landscape is the same, the forest is the same, the people are the same, they have the same traditions, they have the same occupations,” said Marcel Mîndrescu, geographer at the University of Suceava.

A national park means opportunities, it means that the locals will have the chance to showcase tradition and nature in a way that will thrive. I think that a national park between Ukraine and Romania will be a story that will go around the world. For the National Peace Park to become a reality, it takes the will of scientists, but also the political will. The county authorities say they agree with this project. It could also help the local community by developing tourism,” said in his turn Gabriel Păun, president Agent Green.

Paun added that they will also design a route of peace, besides the natural park, which will follow the entire Carpathian mountain range, the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, will cross Romania and will end in Serbia.

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