Romania awaits the verdict for pollution in Bucharest, faces a fine up to EUR 400,000. 10 Romanian cities called to take preventive measures

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Environment minister Costel Alexe has summoned on Monday the representatives of the three cities that have air quality issues and which under the European Commission’s scrutiny or even pending a verdict by the EU’S Court of Justice.

The minister talked with the local authorities from Bucharest, Brasov and Iasi on the pollution issue today, after the EC had launched the infringement against Romania on the high pollution values in three cities: Bucharest, Brasov and Iasi.

He announced that ten cities in Romania must take preventive measures to reduce the pollution level, upon the recommendation of the European bodies, to avoid a potential infringement procedure.

The 10 cities are: Craiova, Cluj, Timișoara, Constanța, Brăila, Turnu Măgurele, Galați, Bacău, Ploiești and Pitești.

Minister Alexe announced these days that Romania is awaiting for a verdict on the pollution in Bucharest, which could bring along a fine ranging from EUR 100,000 to EUR 400,000.

Unfortunately, in the past years the air pollution in Bucharest has been growing and more alarming from one year to another. Although we had a measures plan for Bucharest, it is not enforced as it should be. Because if this plan were implemented as it should be, the values wouldn’t be so high every year. The Capital City Hall is currently in court with the EC and is hasn’t been able unfortunately to convince the Commission that situation is getting  any better. We are in the situation now that we’re just awaiting for the court’s verdict, Romania is facing a fine from EUR 100,000 to EUR 400,000,” the Environment minister said.


Environment minister Costel Alexe had a cross talk with Bucharest mayor, Gabriela Firea on the pollution in Bucharest early this month.

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