Romania, first in the EU in terms of relative poverty

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Romania ranked first in the European Union in terms of relative poverty rate in 2014, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

“According to Eurostat data, Romania’s positioning is generally characteristic to a country with relatively huge problems in ensuring a high standard of living for all citizens. In terms of relative poverty, Romania (with a rate of 25.1%) was in 2014 in the group of poor states, registering levels above the EU average such as: Spain (22.2%), Greece (22.1%), Bulgaria and Estonia (21.8%), Latvia (21.2%), Portugal (19.5%), Croatia and Italy (19.4%), Lithuania (19.1%). Lower poverty rates have the Czech Republic (9.7%), the Netherlands (11.6%), Denmark (12.1%), Slovakia (12.6%), Finland (12.8%) and France (13.3%),” INS informs.

For the 18-24 age group, most EU states have high poverty rates. Huge differences are noted also in the over 65 years old group, with higher poverty rates than the country’s average: Estonia (+10.8%), Cyprus (+8%), Latvia (+6.4%), Croatia (+3.7%), Finland (+3.2%), Slovenia (+2.6%), Sweden (+1.4%). Poverty is relatively less present for elderly people in most European states such as: Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, etc.

INS also informs that two out of five employed individuals were under the poverty level in 2015, against one in five unemployed.

In 2015, out of the overall employed people, the ones below the poverty rate represented 18.8%, by 7.6 percentage points less that the unemployed. In the case of employed individuals or conducting an economic activity on their own, there are differenced by gender: one in five men and one woman out of seven were below the poverty level.


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