Romania, Germany to build armored vehicle together, PM reveals

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PM Dacian Ciolos announced on Thursday that the Romanian authorities are on the verge of signing a contract with Rheinmetall, the German famous automotive parts supplier and military technology group on building an armored vehicle in Romania, reports.

“There is an advanced partnership between Rheinmetall and a Romanian company to build an armored vehicle in Romania, with the German group using resources from Romania and creating jobs in Romania,” the premier said, adding the contract is not signed yet but discussions are in a very advanced stage.

“A partnership will be created, a joint Romanian-German company with Rheinmetall that will have a contract with the Ministry of Defence for this armored vehicle which is already stipulated among the Romanian army’s endowment priorities,” Ciolos added.

Asked if there are other contracts to be signed, the prime minister said ‘yes’.

“There are other ones under consideration. Practically the ministry of Defence is searching for this kind of partnerships in all army endowment fields. A partnership on the Navy’s being equipped with corvettes will probably take shape in a way or another in the upcoming months, with part of the ships being produced in Romania,” he explained.

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