Romania grabs three gold medals, a silver one at the International Chemistry Olympiad

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Romanian students have won three gold medals and one silver medal in the International Chemistry Olympiad, organized online by Japan, which, for the first time, did not take the practical test. The contest was attended by students from 79 countries, according to Professor Marius Andruh, coordinator of the team of teachers who prepared the Romanian group.

The University of Bucharest hosted the team that represented Romania at the International Chemistry Olympiad on July 28. It was the 53rd edition and organized this year by Japan.

Gold medal: Mircea-Raul Bodrogean, International High School of Informatics, Bucharest. He graduated high school, the 12th grade, this year. Bodrogean won the gold medal and two years ago, at the Paris Olympics, Andruh said. According to him, Bodrogean was the first this year at the Mendeleev Olympics in Russia, which he says is a very difficult competition, in which students from 28 states participated.

Gold medal: Tudor Lile, “Moise Nicoară” National College, Arad. He also graduated high school this year. In 2019 he won the silver medal at the Paris edition.

Gold medal: Alexandru Cătălin Dianu, International High School of Informatics, Bucharest – finished 11th grade

Silver medal: Ștefan Dimitriu, “Andrei Șaguna” National College, Brașov – high school graduate.

“The difference from the other years was that there was no practical test, which is important for a discipline such as chemistry. Then, the socializing, which is similar to the sports Olympiad, disappeared. Beyond that, the topics were just as difficult and interesting and our joy was that the four children were quite homogeneous, Bodrogean was the one who took a distance”, said Professor Marius Andruh.

At the previous edition, the International Olympiad in Paris in 2019, Romanian students won a gold medal – the same Raul Bodrogean – and three silver medals.

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