Romania – highest share in the EU of population owning their dwelling, 96pc in 2016

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Romania ranks first in the European Union (EU), in terms of the share of population owning their dwelling, i.e. 96% in 2016, well above the European average of 69.3%, Eurostat informed on Thursday.

Romania ranks ahead of Lithuania (90.3%), Croatia (90.1%), Slovakia (89.5%) and Hungary (86.3%). At the opposite end of the scale, just over half of the population owned their dwelling in Germany (51.7%) and Austria (55.0%), followed by Denmark (62.0%), the United Kingdom (63.4%), France (64.9%) and Sweden (65.2%).

In the EU a majority of people were owners of their dwellings, with almost 70% (69.3%) living in owner-occupied dwellings, while 30.7% were renting their dwelling.

In 2016, more than half (57.5%) of the EU population were living in houses and 41.8% in flats.

In a majority of Member States, most of the population were living in houses in 2016, with the highest proportions being recorded in Ireland (92.5% in 2015) and the United Kingdom (84.8%), followed by Croatia (79.8%), Belgium (77.7%) and the Netherlands (76.2%). In contrast, flats were the main dwelling type in 10 Member States, notably in Spain and Latvia (in both countries, 66.1% of the population were living in flats in 2016), Estonia (62.0%), Lithuania (58.2%), Germany and Greece (both 57.1%).

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