Romania is extraditing Chilean billionaire charged with embezzling hundreds of millions of US dollars


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A Chilean businessman charged with embezzlement is extradited from Romania to Chile on Wednesday. He is to be taken out from the Brasov Police arrest center and escorted on the Henri Coanda International Airport.

Chilean billionaire Garay Pita Rafael Eduardo has been in Romania since December 28, 2016 when the judges of the Brasov Court of Appeal admitted the extradition request filed by the Chilean judicial authorities, and also ordered for his arrest in the view of extradition. The billionaire is accused of “repeated fraud” in Chile.

The authorities in Santiago, Chile issued an arrest warrant on Garay Pita Rafael Eduardo’s name on September 23, 2016 and was on APB on November 15. After three days, the businessman has been caught in a restaurant in a mall in Brasov.

The Chilean media reports that the famous billionaire would have run away with hundreds of millions of dollars (USD 920 USD according to some sources) that had allegedly belonged to some investors.

After the police issued an arrest warrant, the Chilean authorities received information that the billionaire would be in France, Thailand or the Netherlands, but at the end of September he has been tracked down after he would have filed a request at the Chilean embassy in Bucharest to get married to a Romanian woman.

The Chilean media also reported that he would have announced that he was suffering of brain cancer and that he would close down his company to undergo treatment. He also said that investors would recover their money from a certain bank, by they found out that Garay had actually no account at that bank.

At the same time, the Chilean would have asked for political asylum in Romania on the ground that he was politically persecuted, because of the Chilean president’s son.

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