Romania is fighting the Coronavirus epidemic with a shortage of doctors mounting to 40,000

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Public hospitals in Romania are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic with a shortage of doctors mounting to 40,000. So, in Romania there are 40,000 less doctors than needed to tackled the outbreak.

According to Solidaritatea Sanitara, one of the largest trade union federation in healthcare, the medical personnel shortage stand at 17.46% in Romania.

The highest shortage is in northeastern region, where there is also the highest share of Romanians who left to work abroad (19.96%).

Doctor shortages are also reported in the South-West Oltenia region (19.55%), and in the South-East (18.99%).
However, the South Muntenia region, including the Capital Bucharest, is also facing a high shortage of medical staff (16.81%). In the West region, the shortage stands at 16.42%.


As for the infectious diseases hospitals, which are now in the front line in treating patients with COVID-19, the medical personnel shortage is 13.01%.

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