Romania lost over 300,000 engineers in the past 27 years

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Over 300,000 engineers have left Romania after 1990, according to the rector of the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Mihnea Costoiu.

“After 1990, a high number of engineers have left Romania. There are over 300,000. Doctors who have left Romania in the past years mount to around 18,000-20,000 (…) The engineers have left mainly in the first years after the Revolution when the Romanian economy fell down, so well trained engineers have left abroad. On the other hand, there are whole generations of engineers who left the country at the graduation. In 1999, there were five in 250 graduates of Automatics and Computers who remained in the country. There were 7 in 2000 and 11 in 2001,” Costoiu told the Polifest opening on Thursday.

Now, 18-20% of the engineers are leaving Romania to work abroad. The Polytechnic University’s rector explains this was after the Fiscal Code amendment, stipulating that IT employees should not pay certain taxes.

Yet, Costoiu revealed that some of the engineering graduates are not even interested in the tax exemption for the salaries are very high anyway. “Many of them who start the faculty fail to finish it for they are getting a job in the second, or third academic year and later on, after several generations, they come to ask for the diploma. Many of them are not even interested in the tax exemption for the salaries are very high. And a youngster who gets EUR 1,500 when getting hired for he knows to do many things is not interested anyway that he is not going to pay 16% tax (…),” the rector pointed out.

He also added that in the past 20 years the state had financed around 65-70% faculty seats on humanistic fields, while there were only 35-40% state financed seats in technic fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering or medicine.


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