Romania, on the fringes of the strong cyclone wreaking havoc in Europe

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The storm that hit Europe, called Ciara or Sabine, is also affecting Romania, even if our country is on the fringes of the cyclone. Some effects are though felt especially in the mountain areas, through the Code Yellow and Orange alerts fro wind.

However, the weather is slightly improving in the upcoming days, and temperatures will be higher than the usual ones for this time of the year.

The most affected areas in Romania by the bad weather are the mountain areas, in the Western Carpathians and the in the northern half of the Southern Carpathians, where the wind will intensify and where wind gusts of 65-75kmph and even 100kmph are expected. The win will be associated with snowfalls and blizzard.

In the rest of the country though, the cold front in the past weekend will be replaced by warmer temperatures. So, in the first part of this week there will be 10-12C in the south and south-west.

In Bucharest, the maximum temperatures will climb to 8-9C today and and to 10C tomorrow, while minimum ones will range from minus 2C to minus 3C. It might be raining as well this afternoon and the wind gusts might reach 55kmph.

Seven people died due to the cyclone that hit Western Europe the past days. Germany, the Netherlands and UK have been the most affected countries.

Following wind gusts reaching 180kmph, a hotel in Scotland has collapsed, while tens of boats have been overturned by waves. Overall, hundreds of flights and train rides have been cancelled in UK.

France, too, has been affected, with over 180,000 houses running out electricity. In Germany, two people have been crushed by fallen trees, while in Poland other two people, a teen girl and her mother, died in a ski resort after a roof collapsed over them.

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