Romania, one month under radioactive cloud. Highest concentrations in southern regions

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The highest particle concentrations were detected in the southern part of the country, in the areas of Alexandria, Giurgiu, Bucharest and Constanta – the clarifications have been made, for the public television TVR, by the President of the Commission that controls the nuclear activity in Romania.

The radioactive cloud stood above Romania from September 15 to October 10. To manage the situation, the authorities have activated a crisis cell. The substance found in the particles that arrived here is used in the pharmaceutical and radiotherapy industry for cancerous tumours.

Rodin Traicu, chairman of the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control: “It is pollution with an artificial radionuclide, Ruthenia 106, which overflew all of Europe. The cloud overflew most of Romania, but higher concentrations were measured in the Alexandria area, Giurgiu, Bucharest and Constanta County. It was a very large concentration, a thousand times higher than the one found on average in Europe, but it only leads to skin depigmentation, it is not a substance with carcinogenic potential.”

According to the French Institute for Nuclear Safety, in recent weeks, Europe has been covered by a cloud of nuclear pollution. This allegedly has resulted from an undeclared nuclear accident, say environmental militants.

Ion Cepraga, Greenpeace Romania Campaign Coordinator has told TVR: “My colleagues from Greenpeace Russia have sent information requests to the Russian Meteorological Agency, which subsequently confirmed that there were extremely high concentrations in the Maiac area in southern Ukraine, where there is a plant for processing the radioactive material.

Miron Alexandru Bogdan, professor of pulmonogy with the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy: “The radioactivity of such cloud is not excessive and when I say this I rely on the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The risks and biological effects that occur are rather over medium and long term.”

Russia admitted early this week that an “extremely high” concentration of a radioactive substance was registered on its territory a month and a half ago, but there is no reason for concern.

However, several European states have been alerted after the radio-activity surveillance centres have detected high levels of the substance in the atmosphere, informs.

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