Romania plans to break the record for the largest CPR session

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Romania plans to break the record of the largest CPR training session in the world, with the largest number of participants, minimum 11,900.

The Rescue Society Association in Bucharest and the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service will organize the CPR class on the National Arena in May, Agerpres informs.

We don’t target the record by all means, but mostly to educate as many people as possible in the CPR field,” said Cristian Grasu, the president of the Bucharest Rescue Society Association. The CPR event will take place to mark 110 years since the Ambulance service has been set up in the Capital (on July 28, 1906).

The participant of the event entitled “Record for life-110 years of saving lives,” will be taught how to assess a patient, how to recognize the heart attack, how to perform thoracic compressions and ventilations. At least 600 instructors are to attend the CPR session.

The first 12,000 subscribed persons will be notified every time a man suffering a heart attack will be in their neighbourhood.

The Bucharest ambulance manager Alis Grasu argued that too few people know how to give the first aid in case of heart attacks until the ambulance arrive on scene.

“In 2015, there were 2,750 heart attacks reported to the Bucharest Ambulance. Only 108 people have been brought to life again. The CPR rate in Romania is 3.92%, which is alarmingly low,” Alis Grasu mentioned.

The previous record for a first aid session was set in Germany on September 17, 2013, when 11,840 students simultaneously learnt the CPR proceedings.

Participants can subscribe to the event at A representative of the Guinness World Records will be prsent on the National Arena on the day of the event to supervise the action and homologate the record, if any.

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