Romania Ranks 1st for Best Countries to Become a Parent, study says


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With studies from Biomed Central and the Institute for Social Policy revealing that appropriate parental leave is pivotal for the well-being of mothers, fathers and children, countries across the globe are having their parental leave laws called into question.

Curious to uncover more on the parental leave quality across the UK and Europe, Reboot Digital PR Agency revealed that Romania is the best country to become a new parent, offering a whopping 746 days of paid leave. Romania also ranks highly for the percentage of leave days mothers receive which is 56%.

Latvia manages to pinch the silver medal by offering 740 days of fully paid leave. Lithuania takes third place with 433 days.

Reboot Digital PR Agency’s co-founder and managing director Naomi Aharony stated: “Parental leave is essential in helping to build a child’s social and psychological development. For employers, the benefits are also important as evidence indicates it helps promote staff well-being and productivity which in turn helps with staff retention rates. The EU has adopted promising new directives over the last few years to tackle the work-life balance for parents but there is still a way to go before equality for parents is fully achieved.”

You can see the full study here.

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