Romania ranks 56th on military strength


Romania ranks 56th this year among the most powerful armies in the world, reveals the Global FirePower Index which analyses the military strength of 106 countries across the world. However, our country goes down by five positions compared to last year when it was ranked 50th.

Our country has 73,350 active frontline personnel, 875 tanks, 1,456 armored fighting vehicles and no self-propelled guns when it comes to the land system.

The total aircraft is 111, 15 fighters/interceptors and 81 helicopters. The total naval strength is counting 48 vessels, with three frigates, seven corvettes and 23 coastal defense crafts, yet no submarines.

Defense Budget is set to USD 2,190,000,000. According to the GFP, one of the more recent deployments of the Romanian military has been to the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Regarding the first military powers in the world, U.S. comes first with 1,400,000 active frontline personnel, 8,848 tanks and 13,892 aircrafts. Russia ranks second with 766,000 active military, 15,398 tanks and 3,430 aircrafts.

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