Romania ranks 5th on protecting biometric data

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Romania ranked fifth among the countries which protect biometric data (to some extent), obtaining a score of 18/31, according to a Comparitech study. The lower the score is, the more biometric data are collected and used.

A large number of countries tie in fifth place, with Romania next to Luxembourg, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom.

This is primarily due to few (if any) biometric requirements upon entering the country, no national biometric databases, and no extensive use of CCTV with facial recognition.

The biometric data study surveyed 96 countries, Each country has been scored out of 31, with low scores indicating extensive and invasive use of biometrics and/or surveillance and a high score demonstrating better restrictions and regulations regarding biometric use and surveillance. Then, to see how current biometric use for COVID-19 purposes affects a country’s score, we’ve deducted a point for each area biometrics have been introduced as an emergency control measure (six areas in total).

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