Romania ranks among the first 5 countries in the world on talent deficit

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Romania ranks among the first five countries in the world on talent deficit, with the skilled worker and engineer positions being the employers’ highest demands on the labour market, Labour minister Dragos Pislaru told a conference on Thursday.

The perception of 626 major employers in Romania ranks us among the first five countries in the world on talent deficit at urban level. Moreover, against 2014, the perception that we lack talents, skilled workforce is on the rise by 21%. And another major aspect is the trade chart. According to a study conducted in Romania last year, the skilled worker trade ranks first as demand. So, the employers in Romania are firstly in search of skilled workers,” the Labour minister pointed out.

Engineer profession ranks second, and the driver is the third most-sought trade in Romania. The chart also includes the positions of manager, IT staff, sales representatives, accountants, sales managers, staff for hotels and restaurants, but also unskilled workers.

According to the minister, the study on talent deficit was conducted by ManpowerGroup, with 626 important employers in Romania attending it.

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