Romania ranks first in the EU on corruption in schools

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Corruption in the Romanian schools is a reality and both parents and children are forced to face it on a daily basis. An „Eurofund” survey on the perception Europeans have on the quality of life in their countries, shows, among others, that Romania ranks first on corruption across school units.

The corruption term includes small gifts or money given as bribe to teachers to pass various exams, and it even encompasses the private lessons taken by pupils with their own teachers to ensure better grades.

The same opinion about the corruption in the education system has been voiced by Croatians and Hungarians. On bribery in schools, Romania ranks first, followed by Croatia and Hungary.

On the opposite side, the corruption in schools is barely at issue in the Nordic countries. People in Denmark, Sweden or Finland are not even imagining an education system based on corruption practices.

The survey also ranks Romania first on the Romanians’ perception on the corruption in childcare, on long term care and on family medicine.

As for corruption across hospitals, Greece ranks first, Cyprus the second and Romania comes third.

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