Romania ranks last in the EU in terms of expenditures for health

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Romania ranks last in the European Union with the smallest share for the health system (5.1% of the GDP). At the top stand Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands with approx. 11% of the GDP in 2014, Eurostat informed on Wednesday.

Bulgaria allots 8.5% of the GDP, the Czech Republic (7.6%), Hungary (7.2%) and Poland (6.3%).

Romania is also ranked last in terms of expenditures for health per capita – EUR 388 in 2014 against EUR 504 in Bulgaria, EUR 684 in Poland and EUR 757 in Hungary.

A second chapter of Eurostat statistics reveals the expenditures for medical products are highest in Bulgaria (43%) and Romania (37%).

In terms of expenditures for preventive care first rank Italy and the UK with 4.1%, whereas Romania and Cyprus are last with 0.8% and 0.6% respectively.

Hospitals are the main provider of health (42.7% in Romania) followed by the providers of outpatient care (11.4% in Romania, in Belgium and Liechtenstein 32.1%.


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