Romania ranks third in Europe on bullying in schools

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Romania is disgracefully ranking third in Europe on bullying in schools, reads a report of the World Health Organisation. According to Save the Children NGO in Romania, almost 400,000 pupils are threatened with beating and 220,000 are repeatedly beaten by their colleagues.

That’s why Save the Children has launched the campaign “Choose to oppose bullying” on Tuesday, aiming to monitor increasing awareness, to generate a change of attitude and also to prevent and fight the bullying conduct among children. The Education Ministry is partnering the campaign.

The WHO report shows that the incidence of the violence in schools is increasing along with the pupils’ age, with the highest rate of aggression being reported among teenagers aged 15 (23%).

Romania ranks 3rd in Europe among those 42 surveyed countries, with 17% of the 11-year-olds admitting they have bullied other colleagues at least three times during the previous month, while the percentage of teens aged 13 or 15 standing at 23%, says the report.

In Romania, more than a half of students in middle schools and high school were, at some point, subject to bullying in 2016, Save the Children NGO added.

Among those 1.3 million children in middle schools and high schools, 400,000 are expelled from the group, 325,000 are publicly humiliated, 390,000 are threatened with beating or kicking, while 220,000 are repeatedly beaten by their mates, the Romanian NGO further said.

They also argued that, across the schools in Romania, solutions to stop bullying are not functional and they neither have high chances to work, due to the mismanagement and of the lack of specialised expertise.

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