Romania, Robotics world champion

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A Romanian team of students, RobotX Hunedoara, has scored a major performance at the 2018 edition of FIRST Global Challenge, a high-profile, international robotics competition convening high-school-aged participants who work together to solve global challenge, which was due in Mexico this month. The Romanian competitors grabbed five gold medals in several categories: „FIRST Global Winning Alliance”, „FIRST Global Challenge Award”, „FIRST Global Grand Challenge Award”, „Albert Einstein Award for FIRST Global International Excellence”, „Safety Award” . At the same time, Romania got the highest score as a team, ranking first in the competition.

Nicolae Vîrtan, Andrei Cunțan, Radu Cîndea, Cristian Budiul, Andrei Lörinczi, Andrei Preda, and professor and mentor Mircea Nistor, as well as non-technic mentor Cristian Vlăsceanu are the ones who form the RobotX Hunedoara team from the Traian Lalescu College.

Participants aged form 14 to 18 from 175 countries raced in the robotics competition this year, which was held under the “Energy Impact” theme, in which shifting alliances of three nations competed to fuel power plants, initiate renewable energy plans and build a resilient transmission network in a simulated exercise using robots. The event highlighted the importance of various energy sources and making them more sustainable. Students had the opportunity to learn and discover STEM through robotics, and their goal was to increase their knowledge about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, so that they could become the next generation of science leaders who will work on solving the most pressing problems of the mankind.

The Romanian team has managed to design the best robot of the contest in less than three months.

According to the Romanian team’s coach, Mircea Nistor, the robot had to take objects of various shapes and sizes and move them to other locations as quickly as possible, sometimes at different heights, as „the whole contest was a metaphor related to energy”. The robot had to fuel various power plants, be it solar panels, wind turbines, combustion power plants or nuclear plants, „all against the clock and against the foes”.

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