Romania sends air defence troops to Poland for the first time on a NATO deployment

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The 205th Air Defence Battalion from Romania is deploying 100 personnel abroad for the first time on a NATO deployment.

They’re set to provide air support and cover for the multinational battle group heading to Poland as part of NATO’s enhanced forward presence on its eastern flank. The Romanians will also be joined by troops from the United Kingdom.

NATO TV has posted video footage presenting the Romanian air defence battalion abroad. The footage includes soundbites from a Romanian Brigade Commander who explains the motivation for the mission and the necessity of working closely with Allies. It also includes various shots of the battalion test firing anti-aircraft guns at a range in Romania near Constanta, including drone and go pro shots.

Maximum 10 minutes and we’re ready to fire, fully combat-capable,’ says captain Nistor Andrei, 205th Defence Battalion of the Romanian Army, according to the footage’s teaser.

We are getting ready to go to Poland. The morale is up, the adrenaline is running through our veins,” he continues.

We are Allies. We have signed a treaty so it’s our duty to provide what Alliance needs because that’s what Allies do. They help each other, they cover each other. The Alliance is stronger and greater.”

It’s important to Romania to participate to this battlegroup but it’s also very important to the Alliance to enhance this capability, for the battlegroup to have air defence. We have worked before with our Allies but only in Romania, we have never worked abroad,” captain Nistor Andrei also says.

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