Romania, sentenced by the EU Court of Justice for non-compliant and illegal landfills


Romania was sentenced on Thursday, by the European Union Court of Justice, for failing to fulfill the directive regarding the landfills, according to which the authorities should have closed down 68 non-complying landfills until July 16, 2009.

The ruling comes for non-observing the EC Directive 1999/31.

No financial sanctions will be enforced for the time being, but Romania will have to pay for the court expenses and to make urgent decisions to close down the illegal landfills.

“Given the fact that it did not comply with the obligation of taking all necessary measures to close the 68 landfills as soon as possible according to article 7(g) and article 13 in Directive 1999/31/EC regarding landfills, Romania did not fulfill its obligations resulting from article 14 (b) and 13 of the Directive 1999/31,” the decision of the EU Court of Justice reads.

The court mentions that Romania has taken measures in view of closing down the landfills and of the final inspection, nevertheless none of the 68 landfills has been closed down.

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