Romania suspends flights to and from Italy over coronavirus. Bus carrying Romanians from Italy stopped after crossing the border in Oradea

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Romania has suspended all flights to and from Italy among the confinement measures related to coronavirus, interim ministers of Interior, Health and Transports, Marcel Vela, Victor Costache and Lucian Bode announced.

The flights to and from Italy are cancelled on all airports in Romania, starting today, March 9 toll March 23.

Airlines have the obligation to tell the Romanian citizens who will board from Italy, China, Iran, South Korea to Romania, the fact they will be placed under quarantine on Romania’s territory and will assume this responsibility by filling in an affidavit, said the Interior minister.

The citizens coming from these countries will be placed under quarantine in the border county or at home.

Airlines have the obligation to deny the boarding of the citizens coming from Italy, China, Iran, South Korea to Romania.

People who enter the country through the border check points and who lie about the country where they are coming from will be charged with perjury.

There will be ample checks conducted by health authorities and police and the truth will eventually come out. When you jeopardize the public health, things are more serious from the legal point of view. We are making a call for responsibility“, said Vela.

The statements come after the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations on Sunday evening. Today, another committee will decide if to close down schools or not. However, a confinement measure is already in place: if a single case of coronavirus is reported in a school, all classes in that unit will be automatically suspended.

15 cases of coronavirus have been reported so far in Romania and most of them are related to Italy. The patients are either people who returned from Italy to Romania in the past weeks, or people close to them.

Bus from Italy stopped in Oradea

Local authorities in Bihor are in alert after a bus transporting 46 Romanians who would have come from Rimini, a city “in the red zone” in Italy, and crossed the Romanian border in Oradea. The coach has been stopped after it had already crossed the border check point, with all people aboard being taken to hospital or placed in quarantine.

Checks are now conducted to see why the coach had not been stopped bu the customs officers.

18 criminal files have been opened so far for the Romanian citizens who did not observe the isolation rules (isolation at home or quarantine). However, perjury is also a ground for opening a criminal file, so those who give false testimonies at the customs about the country where they are coming from are also facing criminal records.

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