Romania, the deadliest place to drive in Europe, EC report reveals

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A report conducted by the European Commission determined that Romania had the most dangerous roads out of 28 EU member countries last year. According to findings, our country had the highest number of road deaths per one million people, with a fatality rate of 96.

Bulgaria and Latvia were the next most risky regions to drive in with 88 and 78 accidents per million people, respectively. Croatia (77), Poland (76) and Hungary (64) also came in with high fatality rates.

On the other side, the UK had the fewest deaths of any EU member state, with 28 deaths per one million people. Denmark and Ireland were the next safest countries for drivers to get behind the wheel, with just 30 and 31 fatalities per one million people.

More than 25,000 deaths were reported on EU roads last year, a one per cent decrease from last year.

The figures come amid decision that all new vehicles in the European Union to be equipped by 2022 with a device to stop people from driving over the speed limit.

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