Romania, the only EU country where a quarter of population has no indoor flushing toilet

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More than one in four people in Romania reported that their household did not have an indoor flushing toilet (27.7%). This was by far the highest share amongst the EU Member States, reads the latest Eurostat report released on Tuesday on the occasion of World Toilet Day.

However, the percentage is on decline as against 2017, when it was reported to 29.7%, but ten times higher than the EU average rate of 2.1% registered within European Union last year.

Romania was followed by Bulgaria (15.3%), Lithuania (10.6%), Latvia (9.9%) and Estonia (5.3%).

In contrast, the share of dwellings with no flushing toilet was below 1% in 19 EU Member States, with the lowest shares in Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden (close to 0%).

In 2018, an estimated 2.1% of people in the European Union (EU) lived in a dwelling without its own indoor flushing toilet. This represents a decrease of 1.2 percentage points compared with 2010 (3.3%).

One year ago, data by the National Statistics Institute revealed that seven million Romanians are at risk of poverty.   In 201, one-third of the population lived in tough conditions, in houses with dirty walls and toilets in the courtyard.

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