Romania to buy 32 F-16 aircraft from Norway within a EUR 450 M contract


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Romania will buy 32 F-16 aircraft from Norway, a purchase that will cost 454 million euros, of which 354 million euros is the cost of aircraft, with 100 million euros being the logistical support and specific equipment for modernization that will come from the US government, according to a request from the Ministry of National Defense addressed to the Parliament.

“In order to continue the gradual supply of F-16 aircraft from the surplus of the Armed Forces of NATO member states, letters of inquiry (RFI) were sent in 2019 to the governments of NATO member states equipped with F-16 aircraft (Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Greece) on the availability to transfer 16-32 F-16 aircraft ”, says in the Ministry of National Defense’s request to the Parliament.

“The only solution currently identified as a result of the analysis of the responses received to the requests for information is the purchase by the Government of Norway of a package consisting of: 32 F-16 aircraft in M6.5.2 configuration (superior to the configuration of the 17 aircraft equipped ), logistics support equipment and training services ”, according to the Ministry of National Defense.

The modernization, the capital repairs to the engines and the maintenance of the aircraft will be done at Aerostar Bacău.

The estimated funds for the acquisition are about 454 million euros without VAT, of which 354 million euros would cost the purchase of the actual aircraft from Norway, and about 100 million euros are meant to provide logistical support and specific equipment needed for modernization aircraft from the US Government.

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